High quality raw plant materials are mandatory for the production of our unique essential oil products. We addressed this issue by establishing our own plantations located in the heart of the Kazanlak Valley of Roses also known as the”Bulgarian Rose Valley”.

The so called Rose Valley is an area squeezed between the Balkan Range to the north and the Sredna Gora Mountain to the south. It is considered to have the best climatic conditions, soil structure and preserved ecological balance for obtaining the finest and most sought-after rose oil in the world. The perfect location of the Valley and the climate with gentle sunshine ensures the fragrance, purity and naturalness of the essential oil intact and uncompromised. On the other hand the air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation in May and June contribute to the cultivation of roses that yield very high percentage of oil.

PlantationsNowadays BulEtera’s plantations located in the Rose Valley reach 113 ha. They are organized in two separate massifs. 400 decars, planted with the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose Rosa damascena Mill, are located nearby the villages Ivan Vazovo and Gorna Mahala, municipality Kaloyanovo. The rest of them are situated in the suburbs of the villages Dubovo and Vetren, municipality Maglij, province Stara Zagora. 380 decars of them are Rose Damascena Mill fields and 350 decars are planted with Lavendula Angustifolia.

BulEtera’s rose and lavender plantations are grown according to the modern methods by following all the required agro-technical procedures. The fields have been equipped with drip irrigation systems to ensure optimal water regime and entirely covered by plastic mulch. All these factors contribute to growing a product of very high quality.