Products Quality

Products QualityFrom the very beginning the company management is driven by the principle for high quality of its essential oils and products. Strict control over all elements involved in the technological process of production of rose and lavender oil, rose absolute, rose concrete and rose and lavender water is a top priority of the whole team. To this are added laboratory analyses of each product, attentive selection and last but not least - the extremely favorable climatic conditions that ensure supreme quality of the raw row materials.

The company cultivates 100% of the raw material needed for the production in its own plantations. They are located in the Rose Valley, an area squeezed in between the Balkan

Range to the north and the Sredna Gora Mountain to the south. The valley, which is about 128 kilometer (80 miles) long and about 48 kilometer (30 miles) wide, is considered to have the best soil structure, air humidity, sunshine and perspiration as well as preserved ecological balance for obtaining the finest and most sought-after rose oil in the world.

Products QualityFurther to the advantage of this favorable location, our agronomists skillfully apply the best agricultural practices and care in the cultivation of the finest rose and lavender plantations.

Since 2009, the company also has its own, modern fitted distillery near the plantations, which ensures rapid processing of raw materials and complete control over the technological process.